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nutrition for health

Are you ready to feel and look your best? Plus reduce your risk for many chronic diseases, such as pre diabetes, diabetes, heart disease and many types of cancer? Eating well is the cornerstone to good health.

Coming in 2018--we will be providing nutritional treatment for food sensitivities. Do you suffer from IBS, SIBO, migraines, eczema, fibromyalgia and other inflammatory conditions? Lisa will be available to help you with nutrition therapy to have you feeling your best.

We are excited to now offer virtual nutrition appointments via Skype or phone. You can book an appointment and chat with Lisa in the convenience of your own home or office. No travel time needed! We are continuing to create programs to enhance your health.

In addition to our virtual appointments, we continue to also have office hours on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Long Island. What are you waiting for? Make today the start of a healthier YOU. Book an appointment with Lisa.

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