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Friendly and immediately made me feel comfortable. We went to my questions first and that eliminated any of my concerns and difficulties as I was there for diabetic nutrition. She kept notes for me and at the end of the session she gave it to me. Lisa asked for health info and now has a clearer picture of my health. She made food suggestions and I left with magazines and pamphlets to read at home. The following day via emaii I received meal and snack suggestions. I feel as if she is along the journey with me.

Barbara C.


Lisa was both very professional and welcoming. She listened to all of my worries regarding my health and offered quality advice for each issue. Also she corrected some of the ways I was going about my diet and unnecessarily limiting myself. The wait time was non-existent, by the time I was done asking the receptionist for her, she was already there! To top the already great visit off, she gave me a sample of this delicious and healthy food that I've went and bought in bulk now haha.

James L.

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I had my first appointment with Dr. Stollman and she was so warm and welcoming. I felt so comfortable with her and I really enjoyed our session. She was very insightful and I would highly recommend !
Lauren K.

Ms. Stollman is professional, caring, extremely knowledgeable and provided immediate help. I highly recommend her.

Douglas S.