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Lisa provides nutrition consultations for the following:
weight management        prediabetes                     
gestational diabetes         diabetes    
hypertension                        high cholesterol                                                                                           high triglycerides               celiac disease              
constipation                         irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
migraine headaches         vegetarian and vegan diets                                                                travel nutrition                    sports nutrition
cancer prevention              other anti-inflammatory issues  

Nutrition consults are available in office, phone, email and Skype 

Additional services include the following:

Advisor for nutrition-related startups

Restaurant menu design 

Nutrition analysis for recipes
Kitchen pantry makeover: Fill your kitchen with nutritious foods
Restaurant dining consultations for private clients: Learn how to order the healthiest options (consultation held at restaurant)
Individual and group grocery store tours
Family nutrition evaluations
New product development
Nutrition-related business development mentoring
Recipe development and modifications
Lectures and workshops