Food Sensitivity Testing (MRT)

Prior to having testing, you will complete a Symptom Survey to see  if this type of testing and specific diet is appropriate for you. If the test is indicated, you can have your blood tested. Results are usually received seven to fourteen days after the blood draw. Once the results are available, Lisa will create an Immunocalm diet plan for you. A visit will be scheduled where you will review the diet with Lisa and any changes/additions you would like, may be added to the diet if appropriate at this time. The next visit with be scheduled 14 days later. We will then meet again every two weeks for three to six months (depending upon your symptoms) to further adjust and expand your diet. Additional virtual or phone visits will be scheduled as needed.


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Mediated Response Testing Fee: $700    

Please note that insurance will not cover this testing.



3 Month packages (includes MRT testing and 6 nutrition visits)   Fee: $1700.00

6 Month Packages (includes MRT testing and 12 nutrition visits)   Fee: $2450.00



We do accept Oxford, BCBS, NYSHIP and Cigna for nutrition visits only.

Please note: all fees for initial MRT testing and group packages must be paid in full in advance of services.


We are happy to be offering Food Sensitivity Testing (MRT). Over the years we have worked with many patients who had a variety of inflammatory issues. Unfortunately, many were never appropriately treated because the cause of their symptoms could not be determined. With the advancements in Mediated Release Testing, patients can reduce symptoms caused by inflammation with a specific anti-inflammatory diet protocol. People can now get the individualized help they need. We will be working with patients both virtually and in-office.

The following issues can be addressed with food sensitivity management: migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), eczema,  gout and rheumatoid arthritis, among many others.

Please email us to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation or make an appointment on our homepage.